x-raysX-Radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation – a commonly used diagnostic tool, an X-Ray is often the first line of investigation. The radiation passes through the softer tissue of the body, but is unable however to penetrate denser tissue such as bone, which appears white in the X-Ray.

Plain X-rays can at time, be useful in the pain clinic – they are invaluable in diagnosing complex regional pain syndrome when symptoms and signs fulfill the Budapest criteria, and in the operating theatre to allow precision injections, (link to facet joint injections).

However, as an investigation of back pain alone – in the absence of symptoms or signs of cancer or infection, they provide information of little value and should not be undertaken.

How I Can Help

There is no need to suffer with debilitating pain; help is at hand! If you are suffering with pain and it will not go away despite the passage of time and using simple pain relieving medications, physiotherapy etc., then I can see you for a comprehensive evaluation of your problem.

Sometimes I alone cannot help you and I work closely with colleagues – surgeons, physiotherapists and psychologists which is important in such care – the multidisciplinary team.

Email enquiries@painmanagement.org.uk or call us on 020 7060 5109 for an appointment. Leave a message if you get through to a voicemail and you will be called back.


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