Sacro-iliac Joint Injections

The sacro-iliac joints are the largest surface area joints in the body but they are also very immobile, moving little during activity.

sacro-iliac joint


Inflamed sacro-iliac joints are estimated to be present in 40% of low back pain patients in young age. They can cause local pain as well as pain radiating to the legs, usually the hamstrings but not below the knees. Pain may be referred to the abdomen and groins.


As long as they light up at least moderately on a SPECT CT scan there will be a response, often very long term, to treatment.


In much the same way as facet joint pain is diagnosed with SPECT CT and treated by injection and denervation, so Sacroiliac joint pain can be as well. The response to treatment when the diagnosis is confirmed is long lasting and can be for many years.

Patients with underlying seronegative arthropathy, e.g. Rheumatoid disease can be resistant to the treatment.

X-ray guidance is always used to make sure the joint is entered. Blind injections will more often than not miss the joints.

The main risks are of failure to help, often seen in seronegative arthropathy as the underlying genetic drive to inflammation will continue, and infection with an often quoted risk being approximately 1:17000.

How I Can Help

There is no need to suffer with debilitating low back or sacro-iliac joint pain; help is at hand! If you are suffering with low back pain and it will not go away despite the passage of time and using simple pain relieving medications, physiotherapy etc., then I can see you for a comprehensive evaluation of your problem.

Sometimes I alone cannot help you and I work closely with colleagues – surgeons, physiotherapists and psychologists which is important in such care – the multidisciplinary team.

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