Botox - Not Just A Pretty Face! This Stuff Cures Scar Pain

Botox is a drug really is magic! It is known by all for its use in the cosmetic industry and removing wrinkles. It also helps suppress excessive sweating.

botox treatmentIt is however also widely used in medical practice for painful muscle spasms of all causes and commonly injected around the eye for blepharospasm or eyelid tics, around the back of the head to reduce scalp muscle spasm and help with migraine and into peripheral muscles when cerebral palsy is severe enough to cause muscle pain.

I have, however, been using this medication with remarkable success in treating and curing postoperative scar pain. Research shows that Botox does not just inhibit muscle contraction, but it also appears to reduce the production of irritant substances called cytokines that are produced by irritated nerve endings. Most of the available research is on people with postherpetic neuralgia in this respect.

About 10% or maybe more of people who have an operation have scar pain afterwards; so if there are several million operations performed each year in the UK alone that’s an awful lot of scar pain!

10 years ago, for whatever reason, I had a patient with troublesome scar pain at the elbow. I huffed and puffed trying different things and then one day decided serendipitously to put some Botox into it and it worked. It didn’t just work, it cured it and I followed the patient up for months because I could not believe it.

I then tried it again and again and it worked every time. I then did a search of the literature and the evidence base is there and quite compelling. I really don’t know why others don’t do it.

It may be that part of the problem is the failure to diagnose scar pain in the first place; I’ve found that in the clinical environment unless you look for it you might not find it, patients don’t always direct you to the scar or blame it for their pain.

So if you have had an operation and continue with pain afterwards it just might be that the scar is the problem and you are one injection away from a cure.

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