Facet Joint Injections

The facet joints of the spine are present from the top to the bottom.

facet joint injection


Pain from facet joints is responsible for approximately 40% of constant mechanical spinal pain in the elderly. The older we get, the more common it is.

The pain is focal to the area affected, and does not radiate anywhere, when it is only from the facets. It is painful to turn the spine. It responds to anti-inflammatory drugs.


The history, examination and a SPECT CT scan will tell me everything.


The risks involved are minimal, with infection occurring at a quoted rate of 1:17000 treatments.

This is injection and radiofrequency denervation of the affected joints. The only way to inject facet joint properly is using X-ray guidance.

Radiofrequency denervation will then give pain relief from the joint/s themselves for years.

How I Can Help

Successful diagnosis and treatment of facet joint pain can leave you free from this pain for years.

There is no need to suffer with debilitating spine pain; help is at hand! If you are suffering with low back pain and it will not go away despite the passage of time and using simple pain relieving medications, physiotherapy etc., then I can see you for a comprehensive evaluation of your problem.

Sometimes I alone cannot help you and I work closely with colleagues – surgeons, physiotherapists and psychologists which is important in such care – the multidisciplinary team.

Email enquiries@painmanagement.org.uk or call us on 020 7060 5109 for an appointment. Leave a message if you get through to a voicemail and you will be called back.


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